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21st - 24th June 2012, Prague

The Medicine Wheel

This year Alchemie will be dedicated to uniting with the Elements. The festival will be structured as a Medicine Wheel, with the 4 nights dedicated to one element/direction each.

The Medicine Wheel is the great Hopi tool for personal, community and universal healing. Within it one walks to and communicates with the 4 inner elements (the Child, the Woman, the Man and the Soul) in order to bring them into balance within oneself. The greater teaching of the medicine wheel is about the evolution of humanity. Having passed through the era, or world, belonging to the Soul, the Child, and the Woman, we are now in the 4th world, the time of the White Man in the North. The medicine of the man is integrated intellect as wisdom, and his poison is intellect separated from the heart.

The Hopi prophecy says that eventually all tribes will eventually walk out of the North, back toward the center. No Time occurs when we step out of the horizontal plane, of conditionality/reactivity toward the vertical axis, the Chinupa, the Tree of Life.

When we reach the center, we stand on the 5 (the center point of the 4 pointed circle) and our body, our own axis, becomes both the 6 (at the root/feet) and the 7 (crown). We ourselves become united with the Mother (earth) and Great Spirit (sky) and come into our roles as the vertical axis, the connection, the middle way between heaven and earth.

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