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21st - 24th June 2012, Prague
Tickets & Prices

Tickets & Prices

This year we are asking that everyone registering for a festival package registers in pairs – leader and follower – to ensure a good balance at the events and a closer sense of community. Use our online partner finder if you are looking for a partner.

The following packages are still available for Alchemie 2012:

Seminar Package

4x Milongas & Seminar (8 hours with one teaching couple)
€180 per person

Extra Seminar

With the full festival and seminar packages, you can choose to add an extra seminar for €100 per person.

On the Door

Tickets will be on sale at the door of the Red, Gold & Carnival milongas for €25 per night.

The following packages are already sold out:

Full Festival

4x Milongas, Marathon with day cafes and afterparties, one Seminar
€200 per person


4x Milongas & Marathon with day cafes and afterparties
€160 per person

Milonga Package

4x Milongas
€80 per person

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