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21st - 24th June 2012, Prague

The 5th World

The Maya, Aztec, many vedic lines and other wisdom traditions also prophesy the shift from the old world to a new beginning around 2012. It is at this time that the tribes of the North and others begin their departure from the 4th world and enter ‘No Time’, ‘End of Days’, or exit the horizontal linear plane in which we have formed a linear relationship to time. We exit the circle of the elements, and we enter a line—a bridge, a path to the center. Time has already shifted, and we are different within it.

In the Medicine Wheel, the Chinupa is decorated with ribbons of 4 colors- black, white, red, gold. These are the colors of the 4 stages of alchemy, the 4 colors of the Tibetan Wheel of Life, and the 4 colors associated with the 4 main races of Humankind. The Hopi talk of the Rainbow Warriors who arrive at this time to make their entrance into what is known to the Hopi as the 5th World. It is the balance point of all opposites, where all colors co-exist, sacredly unique yet united.

When we reach the center, time takes on a new quality. It is no longer externally circular but internally present—it resides within us. Our systems re-enter their harmonized natural state, our natural vibration, and we entrain with time itself. It is an expanded state of the present-moment-everything, a type of prolonged tango moment or sustained samhadi.

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