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21st - 24th June 2012, Prague

Alchemie Elemental

This year each day is dedicated to an element-Fire, Water, Air/Ether, New Earth.

We will join with indigenous people around the world June 21-24 in increasing the healing vibration of connection.

The festival will be a 4 day Medicine Wheel, made up of the four directions, the four elements of the material/horizontal plane. The 5th element, the 5th direction is the center- the tree of life. Its uprightness, its roots and bows make the vertical axis. Our bodies in the embrace, with the opposite chakras (man/woman) become that axis when we enter the center. We become the vertical axis, the 6 (earth) and 7 (heaven), uniting what is above with what is below.

The purpose of Alchemie is to have a great time, and raise the vibration of all who participate. It is also to deepen the art of what we do- the alchemy of connection and unification. This year, the bridge/threshold/transition 2012, we dance not only for ourselves and for each other, but for the earth as well.

Click the links on the right for more on the theme by Jenne (written originally for Lucien Lecarme of Doble Ocho).

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