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21st - 24th June 2012, Prague

Sacred Geometry of the Dance

The Circle and the Line

Many would say that what is most important in tango is what is most important in life itself- connection. In a physical and energetic sense it can be said that the tango connection is a round connection. We connect to one another in the circle of the embrace, to the physical sphere of our own bodies, the collective body of the couple, and to the circular space of the milonga itself. We use a circular lead- a concave curve to communicate steps, a convex curve to communicate changes of weight, and counter- circular motion in initiating changes of direction.

Companion to the linear step/walk, the circle imbues every aspect of the dance. It is a shared respiration- inhale and exhale of opposites:

  • Invitation: Yang/ masculine/ mercury
  • Reception: Yin/ feminine/ sulphur
  • Movement: Yang/ masculine/ mercury
  • Accompaniment: Yin/ feminine/ sulphur
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