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21st - 24th June 2012, Prague

New Earth

The word Prague (Praha) means threshold. Prague is considered the threshold of Europe—the connecting/ transition point between east and west. We find in this time we are indeed on a threshold—of time, of evolution, and a way of being.

Prague is also considered by shamans of different traditions to be the connector between the right and the left hemispheres (masculine and feminine aspects) of the planet. It is a fault line, a connection point. What is achieved and created here should infuse both aspects of the nature, and assist in creating a new vibrational norm for both ‘halves’ of the planet.

The medicine wheel we will make, connecting whole systems, circumambulating to the left for all of those days, can be considered a way to unify polarities- the right and left/east and west. By connecting Alchemie and the medicine wheel of the Americas to one another, we hope to increase the resonance between us, and together pass the midpoint of the bridge time. The 5th world is the realized wheel. It is to inhabit the center, the horizontal and vertical axes in harmony, the middle point between all opposites, the fulcrum- like tango, the unity both born of and beyond duality.

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