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21st - 24th June 2012, Prague

No Time – From Without

The Hopi prophecy says that eventually all tribes will eventually walk out of the North, back toward the center, to the Tree of Life.

The Hopi began this journey more than 10 years ago. No Time is what occurs when we step out of the horizontal plane, of conditionality/reactivity toward the vertical axis, the Chinupa, the Tree of Life.

This step made out of the horizontal plane is precarious. It can feel like void, empty space, before the center is reached and between the horizontal and the vertical axis. We have had to let everything go. We are in a blank new space without direction or understanding. We must simply be, and walk. We are on the threshold, on the bridge. We have left the womb and are in the birth canal. It may be dark, we may fear this strange passage, but nature has taken over and we move further along, resisting less and less until we reach the end of the channel and see new light.

When we reach the center, we stand on the 5 (the center point of the 4 pointed circle) and our body, our own axis, becomes both the 6 (at the root/feet) and the 7 (crown). We ourselves become united with the Mother (earth/material- 6) and Great Spirit (sky/ether-7). We become the vertical axis, the conduit, the middle way between heaven and earth.

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