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21st - 24th June 2012, Prague


Welcome to the Alchemie Elemental magical colored nights.

There will be no more Black~

We begin with FIRE, the Red milonga on Summer Solstice, 21.6.21, the longest day of the year.
Next is WATER, the White milonga, throughout 11 salons of the Clam Gallas Palace.
Then AIR/ETHER at the Gold milonga in a big grand ornate ballroom simply made for tango.
Lastly, we celebrate the NEW EARTH at the Rainbow/Carneval milonga

~Come dressed in the color and help us unite with the element of each night~


  • Red Milonga, Thursday June 21, begins 21:12
  • White Milonga, Friday June 22, begins 21:12
  • Gold Milonga, Saturday June 23, begins 22:12
  • Pre-carneval party Sunday June 24 from 22:12- 0:00
  • Carneval Milonga, Sunday June 24, doors open exactly at 0:00
  • Exciting carneval guerilla street party 6:00+
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