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21st - 24th June 2012, Prague

Welcome to the 2012 Alchemithon!

This year we will once again be at Hotel Theatrino.


10:00-14:00 : Breakfast for Theatrino guests included in the price of the room, 5 euro for others wishing to eat.

14:00-19:00 : Fantastic music in that beautiful salon with the precious, connected, Alchemithon crowd.

Food available on site.

21:12, 22:12, and 0:00 : Start times for the Elemental milongas – happenings in Red, White, Gold & Rainbow/Carneval

3:00-8:00 Afterparties at Hotel Theatrino. The same menu above will be available all night.

Afterparty bus

An afterparty bus pass for transport from the milongas straight back to Theatrino will be available at registration for €10.

The centre of the festival

The Alchemithon is the centre of the festival, the engine of the intention, and the place to be day and night.

We highly encourage you all to also take tango seminars  in order to connect specifically with the element of the day. This will help us connect more throughout the event, and to experience a more aligned energy.

The price of the Full Festival is just €40 more than the Alchemithon. With tango seminars take advantage of this chance to go deeply into the theme of the day, and bring that to your unique, much cherished dancing.

Can’t wait to see and dance with you!

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