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21st - 24th June 2012, Prague
Ismael Ludman & Maria Mondino

Note- this workshop is now sold out

Ismael Ludman & Maria Mondino

With a generous and sensual receptivity to the evolving organic vocabulary of the dance, Ismael and Maria combine understanding of the mechanics of movement, awareness of the dynamics of connection and the qualities that allow for more freedom of possibility, artistry and improvisation. Maria and Ismael embody the alchemical process in their approach to art, to tango and to the journey on which we come together via the language, culture and pursuit of tango argentino.

Ismael Ludman

Ismael is at the cutting edge of tango development promoting a style with a focus on communication, a relax way of dancing and expressiveness. He has worked extensively with Gustavo Naveira, and Chicho. He has taught together with Sebastian Arce and Mariana Montes, Melina Bruffman and Claduio Gonzales and others. He is also versed in Contact Improvisation, Eutonia, Butoh and Dance-Theatre.

Maria Mondino

Maria pursues quality and organic movement, as well as warmth, expressiveness and connection in the dance. She started her tango career with renowned milonguero Juan Durso, and has worked extensively with Gustavo Naveira, Maurico Castro & Carla Marano, “Chicho” Frumboli & Eugenia Parilla, and Pablo Inza. She is experienced in theatre, flamenco, contemporary dance and release technique, and has taught at Mora Godoy Studios, Tango Brujo Academy and Centro Cultural La Fragua.


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